MINIFLAM USA Inc. For the past thirty years, Miniflam's name has become synonymous with precision and control in the dental laboratory field. From the beginning Miniflam products were designed for working with both precious and non-precious metals, and used in softening, molding, and shaping waxes. Miniflam's continual success has grown primarily by word of mouth from users within the field, and it's products are currently sold in over forty countries around the world.

Originally, these products were designed and marketed mainly in the dental industry. Designed by professionals in the dental laboratory field, this line of expert tools was developed from the direct need of working in Dental Labs at a time when such tools were unavailable. Today these products have been sold in many other industries including the Telecommunications, Mechanical, Electronics, Jewelry, Lapidary, as well as the Hobby industries. Over the years success has led to other successes ensuring the constant evolvement of the line.

Miniflam Products are manufactured in France by Prodont-Holliger, SA. The Company is the largest French manufacturer of dental instruments. The quality of its products is achieved using the best stainless steels ( AFNOR Z6CN 18-10, Z30C13, Z3CN 18-10, DIN 17224/Z2CND 17-13/CUZN36, and using the most recent production techniques, which guarantee the highest quality instruments.

Miniflam USA has been distributing the Miniflam line of products since 1987 in North America. Currently Miniflam USA is expanding its line to incorporate other related products manufactured by Prodont-Holliger, SA. including hand tools and abrasive discs.

Miniflam USA is currently focusing on its continuous Website development as it offers an excellent vehicle to document its product features in detail. The platform offers an opportunity to demonstrate specific industry applications and uses. In addition, it is our goal to exchange information with users and to pass along their experiences.