Miniflam presents the Torch Heads

Introducing the Miniflam torch heads with Flame Definition

You only need look at the definite character and style of the patented fleurs-de-lis flame that the miniflam torch heads emits to know a major difference exist when compared with other torches offered in the industry. They uniquely converges the flame to concentrate the heat to a very sharp workable point. Working temperatures range between 1000C to 1600C (1832F to 2760F).

Quite novel in conception, the MINIFLAM torch heads are especially well adapter for very fine to medium soldering jobs. Simple, handy, compact and accurate, they are ideal tools for techniciens and handymen and offer a very large range of possible use such as


Operational economy : All Miniflam heads below can be screwed on to two types of fuel systems. The disposable "GP" 40 Vapor gas cartridge or Miniflam "S" rechargeable canister with Miniflam 223 gram gas.

Code 33/0316

Miniflam "FFP" head piezo ignition

100 000 ignitions


Code 33/0320

Miniflam "GFP" head piezo ignition

Big flame


Code 33/0314

Miniflam "A" head manual ignition

Very fine flame 2500F (1/4"-1/2" long)

Adjustable flame


Code 33/0325



Miniflam Hand Torches are manufactured to critically strict specifications and tolerances to perform consistently every time with a high level of precision and control which is unmatched in the industry.

Serviceable Parts: All parts are serviceable offering you a long life cycle of use. In comparison other torches today must be completely replaced since they are manufactured with no serviceable parts.


The quality of your work is a direct reflection of the exceptional tools you use.