Miniflam presents a MTIII


The Microtorch III (MTIII) is designed for professionals whose standard of work is high due in part to the substantial value of the objects being worked on. This product is designed for economical operation, and ease of use.It directly reduces operating cost on the first day by eliminating the repetitive need of fiddling with controls when lighting, and immediately increases individual productivity by offering one-handed ignition. It is also a mizer on gas and oxygen consumption.

Miniflam's MTIII design facilitates working in close with smaller tolerances, more precision and control than most torches in the industry.

More like laser technology without the price tag when used with Isoflam paste. The MTIII performs exceptionally well welding both precious and non-precious metals, and in shaping and finishing wax surfaces before casting. In the dental industry, some uses include repairing cracked bridges, adding a support for a new tooth, and filling pits after casting.

In the jewelry industry, in lost wax applications eliminate hours of deburring in minutes, before casting. The MTIII is perfect for resizing rings, adding support to hold a precious stone, securing links in chains, and filling pits after casting.

The MICROTORCH III is supplied with

Option :We supply equally the complete gas connection set

Our reference : FU 35-0375 this includes :

Superior results is the standard of quality produced by the MTIII micro-welder.

Superior operability for greater productivity:


The quality of your work is a direct reflection of the exceptional tools you use.